The Rufus Cuff is an advanced wearable device with a revolutionary new take on wrist real estate. With a beautiful 3-inch wide screen, radical design, and reimagined form factor, the Rufus Cuff ends the era of the watch and ushers in the Wrist Communicator.

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The Rufus Cuff

Voice & Video Calls

Rufus Cuff - Dial Pad UI

Rufus Cuff - Video Call

With its built-in mic, speaker, and camera, you can answer and place voice or video calls right from your wrist and your connected iPhone or Android smartphone. If you don’t want your call overheard, simply switch off the speaker and continue by holding your wrist up to your ear or put the call back on your smartphone.

Apps, Web & Messaging 


The Rufus Cuff runs the full Android operating system… Just like what’s on your smartphone. This allows the Rufus Cuff to take advantage of the full Google Play store with hundreds of thousands of apps to choose from, giving you an endless and exceptional app experience on your wrist. Scroll through all of your social media feeds, stay up to date with your favorite news app, or chat with friends through WhatsApp, Skype, and more.


With a full web browser you can visit your favorite websites, watch videos, check the weather, or catch up on the news. The complete web. On your wrist.


Check messages and reply via full screen keyboard or dictate using your linked smartphone’s built-in voice support like Siri or Google Now.


Vibrating alerts & LEDs ensure you’ll never miss a message or call. (The super bright LED is also the perfect flashlight – just an arms length away).

Rufus Cuff Message UI

Fitness & Connectivity


With GPS, Accelerometer, and Gyroscope, The Rufus Cuff supports most fitness apps like RunTracker and Endomondo to track steps taken, calories burned, and distance traveled.


No smartphone? With the Rufus Cuff, it’s not a problem. When connected to WiFi you can check emails, messages, social media, calendars, and even make voice (VOIP) and video calls without even having a smartphone connected.


With BT 4.0, the Rufus Cuff not only works great with wireless headphones but it has control of your iPhone or Android phone, allowing you to manage music playlists or even trigger your smartphone camera shutter remotely. And since it’s BT connected to your smartphone, you’ll be alerted if you leave it behind.

Rufus Cuff

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Rufus Cuff Initiative

25% of profits from our Rufus Initiative Special Edition models will go to designated charitable causes. Gold supports cancer research, Crimson the battle against AIDS, and Sky supports the struggle for equality in the world.

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With an available brown, red, or yellow stitch, the DODOcase Band makes the Rufus Cuff look good – dressed up or casual. These premium leather bands are designed and hand crafted from locally sourced materials by our friends at DODOcase in San Francisco.

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Tech Specs

Press on The Rufus Cuff

Rufus Initiative

The Rufus Initiative

At rufuslabs we believe that our technology has the ability to benefit both our users and the global community. That’s why we’re donating a portion of profits to help fight disease, hunger, and discrimination around the globe. With your support, not only can we build great technology, but we can build a better world.

Developer Forum

All indiegogo editions of the Rufus Cuff are fully customizable using the Open Source Android KitKat Kernel. A developer community will be available here at, which will allow you to discuss and develop your Rufus Cuff project with other developers.

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About Rufus Labs

Gabe and the team at Rufus Labs have been working on the Rufus Cuff for over a year. Team Rufus includes electrical & computer engineers, UI designers, and an amazing support staff to help us with everything from accounting, to marketing, to legal. Matt, Travis, and Paula, co-founders with backgrounds in law, engineering, and business, help keep Team Rufus on track to deliver something great!

We’ve spent the last year researching, testing, designing, model-making, picking components based on the best functionality & power consumption, and scrutinizing every aspect and every millimeter… all to make the Rufus Cuff something truly amazing. It is what drives us every day.

Gabe Grifoni, CEO and Co-Founder

Gabe has had a passion for creating all his life. He grew up working in his grandfathers hardware store where he had access to every material imaginable to build and reimagine anything he could think up. When he was 10, he debuted his 9V battery powered hairdryer. While it was great in concept, his mother was clearly unimpressed by the power output (and had to buy a new hairdryer). After spending his first two years in college as a computer engineer, he eventually switched majors and graduated with a BS in business. Gabe brings a strong technical knowledge, leadership skills, and an exhausting drive to create great products to the team at rufuslabs. A team with which he could not have gotten here without.

Travis LaBerge, VP Operations and Co-Founder

Travis attended Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania where he graduated with degrees in both music and psychology. Over the past several years, Travis has been running one of the top music schools in Colorado. With a strong startup knowledge and great operations skills, Travis was an excellent fit to join the rufuslabs team. His background in non-profit management and best practices was key in helping develop the Rufus Initiative, the charitable giving element of rufuslabs. He was also Gabe’s roommate in college.

Paula Odysseos-Panayiotou, VP Compliance and Co-Founder

Paula can spit out the lyrics (and sing along … kind of melodically) to around ninety-percent of the top-forty songs from the mid-1990s. After high school, and self-aware enough to recognize that she was not going to make it as a pop star, she focused her energies on studying, earning an undergrad degree from Penn and a law degree from Georgetown. Paula is the meticulous eye at rufuslabs that makes sure everything we do is 2legit2quit. Her sense of style and novel ideas are a great addition to a company focused on wearables. She can be heard singing around rufuslabs HQ. Most of us wear headphones.

Matt Goldman, VP Business Development and Co-Founder

After earning a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT, Matt began a career in the financial markets. He spent years as a portfolio manager, market-maker, and quantitative modeler, and ultimately launched a successful hedge fund. More recently, Matt has focused on helping to grow early stage businesses with private capital. He joined rufuslabs with both experience and expertise in business development as well as engineering. He, Gabe, and Paula attended elementary through high school together.